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How do I recover lost laptop data?

How to get your lost data back

A laptop's hard drive can crash at any time. When this happens, any data that can be found therein could vanish forever. Therefore, backing up any precious laptop information would be of the utmost essence. However, times do exist where laptops do not completely crash. Within such times, it would be possible to easily perform laptop data recovery or you could just try to get enough life from it to extract some data and save it elsewhere.

In order to do this, you might want to get in touch with experts for professional assistance in laptop repair. This would definitely be a smart option since it could generate much better chances at retrieving any lost and important data. You could also deal with laptop data recovery on your own; however, this would probably void any warranty that is associated with it. That aside, one should never try to open the casing of the hard drive since this could cause damage the kind that is completely irreparable when exposed to the air. Other than that, there are other numerous helpful tips which could help you solve any hassles of data recovery from broken hard drives.

Always check for other problems:
  • Remove the laptop's hard drive right away.
  • The greatest option would be to plug in the hard drive to another laptop that works properly.
  • That aside, you should also check whether the motherboard makes the hard drive function the way it should. Chances are that the motherboard causes similar problems.
  • If motherboards cause these problems, you need to learn from it and instantly backup your data.
If other data recovery solutions cannot be found, the greatest thing you could do is freeze your hard drive.
  • Place your damaged hard drive into a plastic bag that would be appropriate for a freezer. Freezing tends to work in reviving stalling hard drives, for at least a short time period.
  • When freezing your hard drive inside a freezer, make sure to seal your bag tightly. Tightly-sealed bags will ensure that ice crystals and condensation do not form.
  • Your bagged hard drive can also be placed inside the freezer for several hours. Freezing a hard drive for a minimum of one to three hours should suffice.
  • After freezing, place the frozen hard drive into your laptop again with some dry ice to keep it cold for a while.
  • Chilled hard drives work on numerous occasions and even enable data transfer to USB flash drives or external hard drives.
  • Always keep in mind that a laptop's hard drive could crash at any time, so keeping backups of essential files and documents would always be a smart option.

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