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Laptop won't load

Laptop Won't Load - What to Check to Fix It

If your laptop won't load, something is clearly wrong. In fact, not a single system utility or tool will even be able to help you when it comes to loading the operating system. Instead, you have to find laptop life signs. Is your laptop case's power LED illuminated? If not, turn off the socket's power, pull the primary power lead out from the socket and push it in again firmly.

Several PSU's have personal power switches, so make sure that they have not been knocked off position by accident. Turn on the wall socket again and press your laptop's power button. If the light still hasn't turned on, this probably means that your unit of power supply has probably failed and would need complete replacing.

If the laptop's LED light has illuminated, try to listen for a sound. Are the fans working? Is the hard drive doing any activity that can be heard? Also listen for beeps. A single beep means that your laptop is alright. If the power light of your monitor isn't illuminated, make sure your laptop cable and power cable are safe.

If laptop power lights happen to be illuminated and more than a single beep can be heard, this would indicate that the problem is internal. For example, a single long beep along with three shorter beeps would indicate that there is a problem with the video card. Long and continuous beeps would mean that the problem is with the memory. If your laptop has two video cards or if you know where to get a spare in the proper voltage, try that one out to see if you can get video from that. Even without proper drivers for spare video cards, it should still show up on the monitor.

If the problem lies with memory, try out spares as well. If not, get rid of the memory modules and clean their contacts with a toothbrush, which would include the primary board sockets, and then put them back. Lastly, the heat sink and CPU need to be firmly in contact or nothing is going to work. It would be simple to knock over towers by accident that could dislodge the memory modules, CPU and heat sink.

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