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My laptop keeps shutting down

My Laptop Keeps Shutting Down - Help!

A lot of people wish to know where laptops should sit. The primary thing about today's laptop computers would be that they need to sit where there are fewer chances for AC cords to get pulled out as the laptops are plugged in. Cords that get yanked on and laptops that keep shutting down on their own should make you start to determine how soon they will shut off after powering them up.

Here, we will concentrate on laptops that shut off on their own within mere seconds of getting turned on. First and foremost, is your laptop running through AC power? Is your battery installed inside your laptop right now? If your laptop is plugged to an AC power source and your battery is installed, take out the battery and attempt to reboot your laptop.

If your laptop continues to shut itself off even after doing this, put your battery back in and attempt to reboot your laptop with an unplugged laptop power cord. If your laptop boots into its operating system, that would show that your battery is the culprit. The idea would be to pinpoint if the problem lies with your AC power adapter or your battery. If your power adapter is to blame, verifying that component would be needed. For example, is your cord leading from damaged power bricks? Sometimes it might have been chewed by pets, or something might have pinched into the insulation. Is your power brick alright on its own? Usually, lights can be found on such bricks that will show you that it is getting electricity as needed.

After making your way from your wall outlet to your power jack behind your laptop, it would be high time to make more detailed inspections. Is your jack loose, bent, damaged, or even completely missing? If any of this applies, your laptop may require a costly jack repair job or replacement that would involve totally dismantling your laptop to replace your power jack that is directly soldered onto the motherboard. To avoid laptops that keep shutting off, simply sit your laptop on places with fewer chances of your power cord getting yanked on.

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