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Common Laptop Hard Drive Problems

When good laptop times go bad

Does your current laptop hard drive make grinding or clicking noises? Do you regularly experience system freezes or blue screens? Do error messages appear about unformatted drives or lost operating systems? Do you ever get caught in endless laptop reboots? If so, there are high chances that your laptop hard drive has given up. Here are the most common laptop hard drive problems today:

Blue Screen Systems

Whenever your system gets a blue screen whenever you attempt to boot mid-operation, this could mean that the system was damaged; bad sectors might exist on the hard drive, making the system unreadable; the hard drive might be failing; Trojans or viruses might exist; somebody might have deleted important system files or dll's; or file structures or partitions might have gotten damaged or corrupted. Clicking Noises Hard drives that click could be a sign of head crashes, corrupt firmware of ROM hard drive chips, electrical problems such as burned chips, bad PCB controllers, blown heads, overwritten servos, hard drive platter damage or alignment problems from getting jarred or dropped or from power surges. Constant Laptop Re-Boots The most common reason why laptops constantly re-boot again and again would be due to boot sectors that have been hijacked by viruses that produce never-ending loops. It will keep telling the overall system to return to its boot sector to re-boot.

Lost Devices or Drives

Whenever you get messages that tell you drives are not prepared or that devices or hard drives cannot be found, this could mean that the overall hard drive is very bad or that the boot bios priority was changed or that the structure of the partition has damages or viruses have infected the system.

Lost Operating System

Lost operating systems usually mean that the files of the operating system are damaged; the hard drive was formatted; the table of the partition is damaged; or the boot priority device was changed. System Hangs or Freezes

Whenever the system hangs or freezes while attempting to boot or during access of programs or files, it normally indicates that bad hard drive sectors exist and the system cannot access the data it requires to load programs or open files. It could be due to shared files or corrupt files with conflicting procedures or an excess of used resources that overload or fill the memory of the system.

Unformatted Drives

Errors about unformatted drives normally indicate that the partition of the hard drive was corrupted, damaged or deleted due to a virus, a power surge or outage, a hard re-boot or even from software updates, anti-virus programs or just installing brand new software that damaged the partition. If a laptop hard drive goes through any of these problems, the safest choice would be to simply turn off the laptop. Using it more could ruin the platters, which store the data, making all of the data practically unrecoverable. Then, take note of what actually happened and try getting in touch with companies that focus on laptop data recovery.

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