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Laptop won't start up in safe mode

My Laptop Won't Start Up in Safe Mode - What to Do

Sometimes it can be hard to get laptops to start up in safe mode. The safe mode has been around for more than a decade now and refers to a troubleshooting and diagnostic mode that lets you load up operating systems without having to load up various drivers or other unnecessary software. Safe mode has the ability to fix and diagnose ailing laptops.

Some laptops come with particular options enabled to make sure that end users come with error-free experiences at all times. This paradigm happens to be ideal for alleviating support costs while improving customer satisfaction at the same time. However, such default options sometimes interfere with laptop troubleshooting.

Usually, to start up in safe mode on laptops, you have to press F8 during the start up but sometimes this does not work as users cannot seem to find the right moment to click on F8. This gets even harder when BIOS options do not show the laptop's logo during start-up. Fortunately, there are ways to get past this procedure to start up in safe mode right away.

To start up in safe mode on laptops that run Windows 7 or Windows Vista, begin by exiting every program after saving your work. Click on "Start", then "All Programs", then "Run".

When the "Run" box comes up, type "MSCONFIG" and then press "OK". A control window should pop up for user account control where you should press "Continue" and move on.

Within the window of system configuration utilities, press "Boot Tab" and check the option for "Safe Boot". Press "OK" and you should be asked whether you wish to reboot your laptop. Click on "Restart" and your laptop should start up in safe mode.

To start up your laptop in normal mode, do the same steps but uncheck the option for "Safe Boot" and restart your laptop in order to start up in normal mode again.

Pressing F8 to start up in safe mode will not always work with every laptop. Several users come to find that repeatedly pressing or continuously holding F8 during the start up will let users go into safe mode. The procedure mentioned above, however, is much easier in opting to start up in safe mode next time your laptop restarts.

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