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My laptop won't start up

My Laptop Won't Start Up - How to Fix this Dilemma

If your laptop won't start up, it could be attributed to being connected to the World Wide Web for a significant amount of time and the possibility of your laptop encountering viruses that might have caused a lot of operating system malfunctions. There are a lot of things that could go wrong with laptops; the following are examples:

1. The Hard Drive's Performance Affecting the Process of Booting

Your laptop's hard drive probably suffers significantly or you might witness several bad sectors which preceded failures in hard drive. This would mean that hard drives cannot read data or write data onto discs because of the material it happens to be made out of being totally damaged or being partially eroded in a physical manner. You could also be a victim of errors in the RAM or other failures. If your laptop happens to be overheated, this is what could happen. If your RAM chips and memory do not come with effective quality, this could cause your laptop not to start up, either. You might even go through modem failures. Things like power surges and lightning could cause this, too.

2. Maintaining an Intact Power Supply and Making Use of Compatible Software

If lightning strikes take place near to your laptop, important fuses within your power supply could blow. If your laptop freezes due to hardware you use that isn't compatible with the system, there are chances that your laptop won't start up down the road. The CMOS battery might have died out, too, which normally happens after regular use of around five years. (The CMOS battery is the silver small battery in the motherboard that makes your laptop start up after pressing its power button.) If error messages appear when you start to boot up, you could attempt to replace your battery with a new one. The CMOS settings of the motherboard are going to be different if this happens, but your laptop will start up, at least.

3. The Primary Reason Why Laptops Do Not Start Up

One other reason your laptop won't start up might be due to your registry becoming so damaged that it requires fixing. If you can somehow get your laptop to start up and run, you have to download software programs of registry cleaners immediately in order to rearrange the registry of the operating system. It would still be possible to save your laptop if everything else fails by downloading a program and running it on the system right away.

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