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Laptop won't boot

Laptop Won't Boot - What to Do

When your laptop won't boot, it is usually due to an installed device or program that has caused conflict with several other programs. Without a doubt, this will give you lots of problems, especially if you are not sure which program has caused your laptop not to boot. If you have installed an application or program recently and are aware of its location, however, you might have more chances of fixing the problem. Here are several common methods to fix the problem of your laptop not totally booting up or even booting up, for that matter:

If your laptop won't boot at all, use the emergency boot disk you either created or got when you purchased the laptop. It is also possible to make start up disks by making them by using another laptop that runs the same operating system.

This is what you need to do if your laptop won't boot at all:

1. Place the boot disk into the drive before turning on your laptop. On some laptops, you might get access to the BIOS where you can opt for the drive's boot priority letter.

Save the changes made and start your laptop without any support from the CD/DVD Rom. Click on "Enter". After reaching the prompt, type "dir. c:" then click on "Enter".

If your files and programs are present, attempt to restore the system registry with the steps mentioned below. This might repair Windows, as well as the autoexec.bat and configuration system files from where your laptop usually boots up. If these files are still there, that would be a good sign of a great hard drive.

2. To fix your laptop's problem of not booting, type "fdisk/mbr" then click on "Enter" to get the master boot record back. Type "Scandisk C:" if you want to check for errors on your hard drive which might have occurred. It would also be possible to type "Sys C:" with hopes of restoring required files to boot your laptop.

3. If the methods mentioned above do not help in fixing your laptop, you should repeat step one and choose to start your laptop with support from the CD/DVD Rom and re-install Windows instead. Users should make bootable disks at this stage by putting blank disks into the appropriate drive, optioning Windows Explorer into the C: drive, choose "Tools", then "Folder Options", then show the hidden folders and files, and then click on "View Tab".

Hide the protected files of the operating systems, as recommended, and a warning should pop up that you should answer "Yes" and "OK" to. Copy files boot.ini, antler and ntdetect.com onto your disk. Then, get rid of the disk and call it the boot disk. After creating the boot disk, hide the protected folders and files in the operating system again. To use your boot disk when your laptop won't boot, place your disk into your drive, restart your laptop and bypass the basic files to keep booting up. Get ready for operating systems to fail every once in a while. Good luck!

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